A Sleepover

Here, friends gather into a friend’s house. They go late, like really late. Here’s what happens, they start first with the food to bring some from a restaurant, in case they don’t gather enough money, they bring some snacks like chips and soda drinks, they might be able to cook themselves, but the host cant let this happens since his/her mother doesn’t allow them too. PSs are important element in the Libyan sleepovers, friends play against each other sometimes it goes into a brutal competition where fights happens most of the time. Of course I won’t forget cards games, where the guys sucks in the PS games are better in and can win them.

After that the movie time, where all gather to watch a movie. However, it gets hard to choose the right movie, here are comes other debates about which move to watch and which is funnier. It is 01:00 AM and finally they pick a movie. It is silly since most of the people who were debating about the movie, sleeps in the middle of it, and others on their phones chatting with girlfriends. It is 04:00 AM and everyone just got to sleep.

It 09:00 am the next day. Everyone waking up freaking out about work, school, or an appointment with a doctor. Everyone that is in the sleepover is tired and starting cursing on each other, while the host screaming at them to clean the house before they leave since his mother is coming back after an hour. They regret that they haven’t done the sleepover over the weekend, and they think they shouldn’t do it again, but they do.

Sleepovers are hard to define. We feel comfort even if we fight all the time, we smile, we laugh, we feel the warm because we are rounded by people we love and love us back. We love them because we don’t want to loose the time of our present, we do it whenever we can because it is the simple events in our life that makes us really happy.